Clinical Trial Service BV


Clinical Trial Service BV (CTS) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO), founded in 1993. Our expertise is providing full service, assistance and advice for medical scientific research in human beings in Europe:

  • To submit, clinical trials in order to obtain approval of the Ethical Committees and Competent Authorities;
  • To set-up, execute , monitor and manage your clinical trial. Advice and consultancy;
  • To Educate and train of investigators, team members and research teams in regulations like ICH-GCP, ISO 14155:2011 combined with daily practice;
  • To perform home care visits for clinical trials by research nurses. Nursing / medical – clinical trial related activities at patients’ home.






9 factors of succes from Clinical Trial Service

23 years of being leading CRO in the Netherlands

Europe-wide project management and monitoring

ICH-GCP and ISO 14455:2011 courses for drug research

Offers Home Trial Support for clinical research in Europe

First-rate employer; high level of continuity on studies

Clinical research experts for setting up and carrying out your research

CRO for drug research, medical aids and nutrition

Private, independent company without investors

Sponsor Initiated as well as Investigator Initiated Trials; all indication areas and all phases of research

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We optimize medical-scientific research at a strategic and operational level within the life sciences industry and health care.We are an innovative and dynamic company where dedicated professionals form the basis for our services and products. We offer solutions aimed at raising efficiency and quality.

Our Vision

CTS inspires and encourages companies and organisations to carry out high-quality medical research in Europe